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New Just Nan designs and products released to shops during the months of October through December of the current year.  Other new Christmas and Fall/Halloween projects also can be viewed by click on Jul-Sept button.

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2018 Designs


 JN306C Christmas Dragonfly Ornament - 2018
JN306C • Christmas Dragon Ornament


 JN305 Gingerbread Mouse Reindeer Stocking
JN305 • Gingerbread Mouse
Reindeer Stocking


 JNLEGEM Gingerbread Elf Mouse - 2018 Christmas Mouse
Gingerbread Elf Mouse
2018 Christmas Mouse


 JN304 Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking
Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking
New 2018




Christmas Dragon Ornament • Pin
Very Limited • Final appearance
Just Nan Dragonfly Charm Pin


Christmas Dragon Ornament • Charm