Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



Just Nan Ornaments   

 JN135 Holly Noel • ©2004, Just Nan, Inc.
JN135 • Holly Noel
Sold out - no longer available

 JN147 Christmas Wishes • ©2005, Just Nan, Inc.
JN147 • Christmas Wishes

JN148 Twinklings • ©2005, Just Nan, Inc.
JN148 • Twinklings




 JN151 Holly Berry Snowflakes • ©2005, Just Nan, Inc.
JN151 • Holly Berry Snowflakes

 JN153 Ornamental Letters • ©2005, Just Nan, Inc.
JN153 • Ornamental Letters

 JN157 Heartfelt • ©2006, Just Nan, Inc.
JN157 • Heartfelt




 JN166 Just Nan 12 Days of Christmas • ©2006, Just Nan, Inc, by Nan Caldera
JN166 • 12 Days of Christmas

JN169 Ginger Joy • ©2006, Just Nan, Inc. 
JN169 • Ginger Joy

JN206 Christmas Cheer • ©2009, Just Nan, Inc. 
JN206 • Christmas Cheer




 JN219 Holly Bows • ©2010 Just Nan, Inc.
JN219 • Holly Bows

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JN237 • Rudy Reindeer

 JN253 Ornamental Advent • ©2012, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN253 • Ornamental Advent