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Mr WOO! Our Wise Old Owl

 Did you know?????
Owls appeared in cave drawings,
Egyptian hieroglyphics and have been a part of folklore and legend for an estimated 20,000 years!  Currently, they are a popular decorating theme...Wise Mr. Woo says don't miss out!


 RNT1 Barney Owl Needle Tin
Barney Owl Needle Tin

RNT1 Barney Owl Tin Open
Barney Owl Needle Tin Open 


We found Barney and couldn't resist him, so now he is sitting on a
2" round needl tin after being enhanced with paint and glitter
and vivid crystal eyes.  There is ribbon trim on the lid and a
magnet inside (pinned with a tiny black bat) ready to hold needles. 
A fun accessory for Fall!


Mr Nutley Owl - Fall 2016 New Release - click for details
JNLEMNO • Mr. Nutley Owl

JN298 • Tiny Owls Biscornu • Mouse Over


 JN255 Wise Old Owl • ©2012, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN255 • Wise Old Owl


 Little Princess Snow • Front View
JNLELPS • Little Princess Snow


 JN208 Just Nan Hootzi Humbug
JN208 • Hootzi Humbug

 JNLEOO Oakley Owlet
JNLEOO • Oaklet Owlet
Limited Edition Ornament


    JN234 Just Nan Cute Hoots
Cute Hoots
JN234O Ollie & JN234P Percy


 Just Nan NST07 Autumn Hoots Needle Slide
 NST07 • Autumn Hoots Needle Slide



 JNC48 •  Owl Bead

 JNC48 Just Nan Owl Bead Back

 JNC48 Just Nan Owl Bead Front

 JNC48 Just Nan Owl Bead Side



 JNCGP09 Just Nan Owl Pin
JNCGP09 • Owl Pin

 JNC11 • Just Nan Snow Owl Pin
JNCGP11 • Snow Owl Pin