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New Just Nan designs and products released to shops during the months of January through March of the current year.

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  MARCH 2019

 JN308LE Spring Mouse Scissor Roll • 2nd design in series
JN308LE • Spring Mouse Scissor Roll

 JN309 Heart of Spring shown in frame
JN309 • Heart of Spring
Shown in Frame


 MST5 • March Hare Mini Needle Slide
MST5 • March Hare Mini Slide

 JN309 Heart of Spring finished as cushion
JN309 • Heart of Spring
Shown finished as cushion

  JANUARY 2019

JNLEFCM Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse
JNLEFCM • Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse
JN307 Frosty Snow Cube
MST3 • Snow Friends Mini Slide