Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



Just Nan Wholesale Information for Retail Shops

Information under this tab is exclusive to Just Nan's wholesale retail shop customers. The purpose is to provide customers a quick way to place orders and ask questions about our products, prices, availability etc.

Shops requiring confidential pricing information or distribution information, please our Wholesale Contact Us web form.  The Current Web Order Form is a quick way to order our newest designs.  You can refer to earlier information sent you for prices and minimums.

Retail shops requesting to open an account with Just Nan are asked to use the New Shop Information web form.  We will contact you via e-mail, phone or both as soon as we validate your shop. 

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 Wholesale Contact Us Form • Wholesale Only!

Contact Us form for wholesale needlework shop customers only.  Non shop owner inquiries will be ignored. 

 Just Nan Embellishment Policy & Explanation

Just Nan's Embellishment's Policy explaining status of supplies and impact of Internet on Embellishments Policy 

 New Shop Customer Information Form

Information form for new Wholesale accounts. Basic information provided will allow Just Nan to open a wholesale account record. 

 Current Web Order Form

Current Web Order Form. A pre-formatted form for recently released Just Nan Designs & Products that is quick and simple! Insert quantities wanted and press submit. Space available for additional items.  

 Quick 6 Item or Less Web Order Form

Generic quick 6 item  or less order form. Simply input shop information and quantity and JN# or description of items wanted.

 Generic Quick 12 Item Web Order Form

Generic quick 12 item order form.  Simply input shop information and quantity and JN# or description of items wanted.